"As a PAI Market Partner we have been utilizing the Cash Alliance program for many of our sites. The support received from the Cash Alliance Team at PAI has enhanced the cash management and ATM uptime for our busy sites. Access to Cash Track through PAI Reports provides the details needed to monitor Cash Load needs and history. However, we have come to view Cash Alliance as a full turnkey system knowing that we will be notified by the Cash Alliance Team when an issue is foreseen. Further enhancing this program for our ATM footprint is the use of ATM Solutions, Inc. (ASI) for armored car and first line support. ASI's primary focus is on cash replenishment and first line maintenance which offers assurances that our ATMs will be serviced by knowledgeable personnel. The combination of the Cash Alliance program and ASI has allowed us to focus on EMV upgrades and replacements knowing that the day-to-day cash aspects of our business are well monitored, serviced and maintained. " — Chip H.

"The PAI Cash Alliance Program has enabled our company to get ATM locations that we normally would not be able to bid on due to the large amounts of cash that are needed. PAI Cash Alliance is a great way to expand your ATM business. It has been a great addition to the services our company offers." — Allen K.

Payment Alliance International (PAI) now offers an ATM vault cash and partner program called PAI CA$H Alliance. This comprehensive cash solution provides your business with access to cash, armored carrier management and forecasting services — at highly competitive rates! PAI has partnered with a premier supplier of vault cash to provide a great benefit to our Market Partners.

  Benefits of PAI CA$H Alliance

  • Free up your cash
  • Free up your time
  • Grow your business
  • Earn higher rates of return
  • Lower your costs (vehicle, gas, salary, insurance, back-office, downtime)
  • Safety for your employees and customers
  • Cash is fully insured
  • On-line monitoring
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Streamlined set-up

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  Frequently Asked Questions

PAI has partnered with a premier ATM Vault Cash provider to bring Market Partners a high value turn-key vault cash program designed to supply fast and secure access to needed cash while maintaining high service levels at costs that are comparable to self-loading.
Cash is ordered and wired to a correspondent bank near the ATM. An armored carrier picks up the cash and loads into your ATM on a scheduled load date. Cash settles directly to the ATM Vault Cash provider’s account. Funds are swapped on new loads and the ATM Vault Cash provider reconciles each cash order.
The benefits of using vault cash are many, but the primary benefit is the ability to grow your business. Using vault cash provides you extensive access to capital. It also frees up your cash and the time spent loading your ATMs. This allows you to refocus that time and capital on expansion.
The costs include interest on the cash, insurance, cash preparation fees, and carrier load costs. A proposal outlining specific pricing for a single location or your entire portfolio can be provided by your PAI relationship manager.
Yes, ATM's participating in the PAI CA$H Alliance program require an audit lock on the vault. One-time combo locks such as Kaba Mas and Sargent and Greenleaf locks are certified with the PAI CA$H Alliance program. These locks prevent fraud by restricting vault access, even amongst service vendor employees.
Typically an ATM doing more than 250 withdraw transactions per month is considered a good candidate for vault cash using the PAI CA$H Alliance program. These transaction guidelines are a set requirement for the program. There are many variables that will also factor into your decision to place an ATM on the PAI CA$H Alliance program. Your PAI relationship manager will guide you through the process and help identify those items upfront. This ensures the economics of the PAI CA$H Alliance program work for each ATM placed on the program.
Geographical coverage extends to all 50 states. Having a vault cash option that supports nationwide armored coverage provides you with the necessary infrastructure to expand your deployment footprint by having fast, secure, and reliable cash vaulting anywhere in the US.
Yes, a new terminal ID is required for each new ATM placed on the PAI CA$H Alliance program. Since vault cash funds will be settling to a new account, a new terminal ID ensures that funds are routed to the correct cash services party.

PAI has developed a simple four-step process to make adding ATMs to the PAI CA$H Alliance program a hassle free task.

  1. Execute a single agreement to establish the vault cash relationship
  2. Submit your ATM locations for a quote to validate pricing and coverage for armored carrier and first line maintenance (FLM) service providers
  3. Complete and submit the PAI CA$H Alliance work order
  4. Approve initial cash load (ICL) dates and vault cash load schedule

Prior to the agreed upon ICL date you will need to ensure the ATM has been reprogrammed with a new terminal ID, the required audit lock is installed and the ATM vault is empty. PAI CA$H Alliance ATMs can generally be active on the program within a 7-10 day timeframe.

Yes, you will still be able to provide service to any components in the upper part of the ATM. You can also have RMS access to the ATM to update the ATMs configuration, reset the terminal, etc. Any service items or issues that require vault access will require a 3rd party service provider that is authorized to access the cash vault.
Service inside the vault is provided by a 3rd party such as Pendum or Bancsource. The armored carrier only provides cash loading. These service providers are granted access to the lock on a case-by-case basis at the time of the request. Service can be dispatched through our 3rd party web-based ATM management and ticketing system or by contacting the PAI CA$H Alliance support center (800-523-2104 ext.4549)
Typical response times are 4 hours, 7 days per week. Direct data feeds through our 3rd party web-based ATM management and ticketing system between PAI, our vault cash provider and the service vendors help ensure fast response times.
Yes, there is a variable per occurrence per ATM cost for 3rd party service calls. Pricing for service calls at each PAI CA$H Alliance ATM is defined in advance at the time your proposal is completed.
When an error in the field occurs, a 3rd party service provider is dispatched to resolve the issue. If it is determined that the error was the result of the armored carrier, a credit is provided for the cash load. Additionally a credit will be provided if a cash load does not occur within 24 hours of when it was scheduled.
PAI CA$H Alliance uses a sophisticated software program that factors transaction history, reoccurring events, seasonality and usage spikes to calculate the optimal load amount for your ATM. Daily cash balance is also monitored by PAI and our vault cash provider to identify potential cash outages before they occur.
No one knows your ATM locations better that you. During the setup process we allow you to notify PAI of any unusual events that could impact volume. We ask that as usage trends change with your PAI CA$H Alliance ATM you also continue to inform us of special events or seasonality trends that would have a direct impact on your vault cash needs. The PAI CA$H Alliance forecasting program supports and calculates a variety of common types of transaction variability.
Your responsibility is to continue to monitor your ATMs for service issues and maintain the relationship with your location. PAI provides you with all of the tools and training needed to continue to provide superior service to your ATM locations. Vault cash ordering, monitoring, loading, and reconciliation will be handled through the PAI CA$H Alliance program.

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